Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Preliminary Amnio Results

Since I mentioned that we would have preliminary amnio results today I wanted to give you an update. The preliminary results show that the baby has Down syndrome. We will need to wait for the final results - around April 14, to know more about the chromosomal abnormalities. If the extra chromosome is independent it means it was a fluke either in my egg or Jose's sperm prior to conception. If the Down's chromosome is linked to other chromosomes then it could mean that we would have a higher than normal likelihood of having a Down's baby in future pregnancies.

On Friday we have another ultrasound at 11:00 to monitor the heart beat. I'll send another update after that.

We appreciate your continued prayers. We had thought today would have been a little more conclusive. It was still the best news that we could have received given the situation.

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