Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why We Created the Blog

We created this blog as our memorial to Chloe and as a resource for people who experience a terminal prenatal diagnosis or the loss of a child. In the weeks when we were dealing with the life changing news that our baby was going to die, doctors appointments and a million different emotions in the midst of a haze of numbness, we were just trying to figure out how we were going to get through. We received wonderful support from friends and family and we will always be grateful for the ways that they reached out to us when we were hurting. We still felt very alone though - we had never been through anything like this so we didn't know what to feel or what to do, it was very lonely at times. Then we were given the link to the blog for Audrey Caroline and it was so helpful. There was someone who understood what we were feeling. Reading the posts was like reading our thoughts that we didn't know how to articulate. It was comforting. And the timing of finding the blog was so powerful.

In the last few days of Chloe's life and right after we had to make decisions about having a service, etc. We chose to have her cremated and have her ashes at home. Having a service didn't seem to make sense to me, but we needed to honor her and memorialize her time here on Earth. Since Audrey's blog had been so helpful to us, I wanted to create a website of her story with the hope that it could help someone else some day.

The blog was created in May, after Chloe passed. The postings from March and April were emails sent during the journey to update people and ask for prayer. All of the links are websites I've found helpful and I've read all the books recommended.

Our friend and pastor, Eric, said that even though Chloe only had a short time here on Earth, she has left a legacy. People live their whole lives and hope that they leave a legacy, but this little baby has already touched peoples lives. My heart swelled with pride at the thought of my little girls legacy.

God has a plan for Chloe's life that is just beginning to bloom. Our prayer is that her story and her life and will bring comfort to others who walk the same journey. That parents will know they aren't alone and will have the resources they need to make important decisions while their baby is still with them and comfort, support and encouragement if their baby passes.

If you find yourself on this journey, we are so sorry. We pray for you everyday even though we don't know your name or the name of your baby, we know your pain. And we know that God is good even when life is hard. We know that is true from our experience. You will get through this and you don't have to do it alone. I would love to hear your story.


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