Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jose's Thoughts on Getting Back to Life

What a great idea, and goal to have. It's been difficult getting back to life and living in our “new normal." I have crazy thoughts sometimes, it’s as if Kirsten and I are living in a dream and this never happened to us. Then reality sets in and the severity of our situation zaps me out of my temporary happiness. At that point, I can only rely on God to see us through this. Watching Kirsten grieve and continually stride to be better and do better is a silent testimonial to me. It demonstrates that my darling wife is loving, caring and sharing God’s love with me and all of you. I guess as a man, I have begun to grieve in my own way. I have good times and bad. The bad seem to stick in my mind a little more. I tend to loose myself in my work as the “provider” but what importance does this have in the big picture? God will sustain us and will continue to provide for our well-being. I just desire to learn from this experience and have a much more grounded perspective on what is really important. (God, Family, Church, Relationships and Work). I guess there is only one thing to do “let go and let God do His thing” God Bless!!!!


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boltefamily said...

Great to hear a dad's perspective! Thanks Jose! Please know I continue to pray for your family! If only letting go and letting God do his thing was just a bit easier! :-)

Much Love,