Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4 Baby Update

The baby is holding on with a normal heart beat at this time. The fluid surrounding the heart and other areas of the baby is increasing. The Specialist thinks that the baby may be able to hold on for up to two weeks - there is no way to know for sure. Eventually, the fluid around the heart will cause the heart to collapse.

Our next appointment is April 16 for another ultrasound. The final results of the amnio should be in April 14. The preliminary results show that the baby does in fact have Down syndrome and they believe it is a fluke, the final results will tell us more about the chromosomal abnormalities with the baby.

There is no danger to me if the baby passes prior to our next ultrasound. Neither of the options they have given us - a D&E nor inducing labor is pleasant. For us, a D&E is not an option so we will wait until the baby passes and then they will induce. I am praying that the baby will pass sooner rather than later and without complications. It is pretty scary to be waiting in limbo like this.

We appreciate your continued prayers. This road is so long. We are hanging in there though. Thank you for all of your support!

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