Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Update & Prayer Requests

Today we met with the perinatalogist, who is a specialist with high risk pregnancies. She did an ultrasound and saw fluid on the front of the baby’s neck and gave us more information about the impact of the fluid in and around the brain. These two factors were new negatives we hadn't heard on Wed. The good news was that there was more amniotic fluid. This is important because the baby needs that fluid to survive.

Based on the increased amniotic fluid we decided to have an amnio with the specialist. Unfortunately, she tried twice and was not able to get any fluid. I experienced contractions and when the uterus contracts the fluid spreads out to the point where she wasn't able to get a sample. All the major complications still point to severe Down syndrome.

Monday afternoon we will meet with the OB/GYN. She will do another ultrasound and if circumstances warrant we may try another amnio. We have an appointment with the Specialist next Friday for an amnio.

Prayer requests - that God would perform a miracle, that the baby would hold on so that we can get an amniotic sample, that the amniotic fluid levels would continue to rise, and this sounds like a strange request - but we are praying that the amnio shows that the baby has Down's because that would mean there was a chromosomal problem instead of a genetic problem. Chromosomal problems are flukes whereas a genetic problem would mean a 25-50% change of the same thing happening again. Also, for our spirits - this is a rough road and it is going to be long. We are so comforted by the prayers, emails and phone calls of support and encouragement that we are receiving - they mean so much to us right now. Thank you!

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