Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Letter from Chloe

This poem was written by Sharon Jaynes. I edited to fit our family.

Dear Mommy,

I asked Jesus if it was alright for me to write you a letter. He said it would be OK. First of all, I want to thank you for loving me and for giving me life. I remember how happy you and daddy were when you found out you were going to have me. I remember how you prayed that I would come to know Christ at an early age. I remember how you prayed that I would have a mission in life to help others.

Mom, I know that you and dad were sad when God decided to take me to heaven before I was born. I saw the tears you cried. But mom, I wanted to tell you this: Your prayers were answered. I am healthy. I am strong. I do know Christ, and He lets me sit on his lap every day. And Mom, I do have a mission. Every day new babies come to heaven that were never born. Many of them never knew the love of a mother or father. When they come to heaven, they always ask the same question, "[Chloe], please tell me, what was like to have the love of a mother?" And I can tell them. Oh how I can tell them.

Thank you, mom for loving me. I know you miss me. But one day we will be together and what a time we will have. Until then, imagine me happy and whole, playing at the feet of Jesus, telling other babies what it feels like to have a mommy that loves them.

See you soon,
Baby [Chloe]


Colleen said...

This is beautiful and I know that it is true! Chloe is telling all of those babies how you loved her so! I am so happy that she knows Jesus and that she is making a difference in heaven! Lots of love to you!

Kim said...

Kirsten, This is so sweet...I can just hear Chloe saying it to you.
Sophia is so precious!!
Precious girls!!